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Exalted Boudoir


The Exalted Boudoir team is currently accepting clients.


Masks will be required when the client is not being photographed.


Clients may choose to forego hair and makeup services if they choose.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our staff and community safe!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my images be shared online?


Your privacy is our top priority. We love it when our clients feel empowered to share their images, but we also understand the importance of discretion.


Do you offer retouching?


High end retouching is included in all of our digital collections. Our team of editors can reduce the appearance of scars, acne, blemishes, stretchmarks, and cellulite. We can also remove bruises if requested. Our team does not offer slimming in the editing process. We focus on the most flattering poses and lighting to highlight your best features.


Are you selective about what type of people you photograph?


All bodies are good bodies, and we welcome the excitement of working with femme people of different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, body types, and lifestyles. 


Where does the session happen?


You session will take place in Norfolk, Virginia. We offer our sessions in a private studio, and you’ll feel right at home! Once you’ve confirmed your session and booked your shoot the exact location will be disclosed.


Can I bring someone with me during my photo shoot?


You’re welcome to bring a femme friend for the preparation portion of your experience. They may stay for hair and makeup but must depart before the photo shoot begins. Having someone else present during your session can be distracting, and we want to focus on telling YOUR story. Please inform the Exalted team if you wish to have someone with you.


If you wish to have a friend or partner drop you off and meet the staff, you’re welcome to do so. This is the only time that men are allowed to be present during the experience, and we ask them to stay no longer than 10 minutes.


Can I save money by doing my own hair and makeup?


Exalted sessions include professional hair and makeup as part of the luxury. This pampering and indulgence sets the tone for your day. It allows you time to relax and get comfortable. With your hair and makeup done, you’ll be camera ready and feel incredible when you’re posing. If you have a very specific hair style in mind or want to come with your hair fully styled, that works too! Please review all Covid-19 Updates for the most up to date information.


I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup. Can my artist provide something natural?


Our makeup artist focuses on you and bringing your vision to life. You’ll speak with a member of our staff during the phone consultation about your preferences, and we'll work with you to showcase you as your best self. While it may be more makeup than you normally wear - it will look beautiful and effortless on camera! Your makeup artist will make any adjustments on the day of your session if you have any concerns.


How long does this take?

This is a luxury experience, and we only take two clients per week. If you want to have this experience soon or you're working on a tight timeline - schedule now!


What should I bring?


Two to four outfits (combination of lingerie, robes, special items, bra and panty sets, fetish wear, etc)

Accessories such as jewelry, harnesses, props, and shoes.

(Two outfits are included in the experience, additional outfits are $150)

Reference images if you have any

Money for Collections and A la Carte products

Cash tips if you wish to tip your photographer or hair and makeup service provider

Do I bring my own lingerie?


Yes! We suggest bringing 2-4 pieces from your personal closet to bring with. Choose garments that highlight your favorite body parts and feel indulgent to the touch. We also recommend bringing your own props (such as BDSM toys). This is your story and should feature your favorite items.  We do ask that you please refrain from bringing penetrative or vibrating toys. We also have an amazing client wardrobe that you can borrow from for your session with over 100+ pieces (sizes XS-6X), including props and accessories, to choose from that you are MORE than welcome to browse through!  


I don’t know how to pose - I’m not a model. Is this still right for me?


We hear this all the time. Don’t worry - you’re a natural. You just don’t know it yet. Our photographer guides you through every pose and explains every movement. To best prepare for your session, we suggest you start a stretching routine at least two weeks before your session. This is a workout!


When will I see my images? How long does it take to get everything back?


After your photo shoot pause for lunch. During your facial or manicure our photographer will cull and prepare the very best images from your photo shoot. When you return, you'll get to see your reveal! You’ll be able to see all your images and choose the perfect Collection and A la Carte items to showcase all your favorite photos. Our products take about 8 weeks to be produced, shipped, and delivered.


What is my investment?


The Session fee guarantees a private and luxurious experience with our female only staff. It includes hair and makeup services, session planning consultations, and one on one time with our photographer. A Session fee is required to secure a session at only $500, which can be paid in full or split into two payments. Heirloom canvases, folio boxes, albums, and digital images are also available for purchase. We offer Pre-Payment Plans and accept cash, credit, debit, and Paypal Credit.


I don’t see nude photos on your website. Is that something you offer?


We do photograph both partial and full nudity at a client's discretion. Our photographer does not photograph genitals, and all photos will be discreet and with implied sexuality versus explicit depiction.


What’s the rescheduling policy?


You can reschedule your session once any time within six months of the original session date, so long as you give a 30+ day written notice. If you need to reschedule within 30 days of your session, additional rescheduling fees will apply. 


Who’s on the staff of Exalted Boudoir?


Our team is comprised of three women: our makeup artist, photographer, and studio manager. Your phone consultation will be performed by one of the three staff members. A video chat with your photographer will also help you prepare and get comfortable for your shoot! If you have any questions about anyone on our staff, we will be happy to answer them.


What are you willing to photograph?


Kinks and fetishes are complex, and we understand that pleasure is different for each person. We want to help you embrace the pleasure in YOUR life. We are an open-minded team at Exalted, and we understand the importance of boundaries. For that reason, non-consensual themes such as beastiality and pedophelia are not tolerated. All fetishes described, discussed, or depicted must pertain to consensual arrangements. We also do not capture images featuring human waste/excreta. We can not guarantee that we will accept all concepts; however, we will work with you to find a theme and develop a plan that is a perfect fit!


Why should I do this?


Our mission is to create a safe space for you to learn, explore, and celebrate your pleasure.

I'm ready!

Great! Tell us about your dream session here!

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