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5 of the Best Date Ideas 🤩👇✨

We know that keeping date night fresh can be challenging even for the most creative people! The Exalted team was brainstorming on fun ways to celebrate your relationship - and we just have to share the best ones!

Let’s be honest - date night can quickly turn into pizza and movie if we aren’t currently prioritizing adventure in our relationship.

I looked at my relationships and five remember these five types of dates:

The Walk:

Sometimes the best dates are the ones where you pick beautiful scenery and just walk. Focus on quality time, with your phones away, connecting and talking about life. These dates are simple and are great for someone who’s love language is quality time.

Help Them Out:

Supporting your partner as they get one (or many!) items knocked off their task list can be tons of fun. Normally mundane tasks can be fun with a little bit of flirting and creativity! These types of dates are perfect for someone who has acts of service as their love language.

I’m Taking You Out:

If you notice that your partner could use an upgrade to something in their life - pay attention. You can be a positive influence on your partner with your support. A great shopping trip for someone who loves gifts might be a really nice vacuum or a nice pair of running shoes. Don’t be afraid to upgrade a daily use item that will improve their life!

Dessert Date:

Take your partner out for dessert at a cute locally owned business. While you enjoy your treats focus on your partner’s recent wins and focus on expressing gratitude. This is the perfect date for someone who likes sweets and words of affirmation!

Exalted Boudoir Photo Shoot Together:

Taking time to get glammed up and celebrate your relationship is a memorable experience. The session brings you closer (literally!) but also creates space for you to celebrate your relationship. The photos are just the receipt of the moments you’ll share. This type of date is perfect for someone who enjoys touch and quality time.


XOXO Ellie

About Us:

Our mission is to create a safe space for people to learn, explore, and celebrate their pleasure.

Exalted Boudoir is an all-female team focused on providing the very best experience and images. Our photographer will create a customized session that tells your story.

Our studio is located in Norfolk, Virginia and we serve boudoir clients from all over Hampton Roads, North Carolina, and Washington D.C. Our clients travel from all seven cities (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk) and all over the United States.

We offer the opportunity for femme people to explore their sexuality through intimate portraits.

Indulge in a full day of luxury in our Sanctuary.

See yourself from a new perspective.

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