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“I’ve never worn cuffs before!”

“I’ve never worn cuffs before!” she said as we buckled the leather around her wrists and ankles.

This is always one of my favorite parts of working with my clients. When she arrived, I had already laid out the variety of props we had discussed. She loved the idea of the pink leather, and I couldn’t wait to indulge her bubblegum aesthetic dreams.

Our goal at Exalted Boudoir is to exalt the exploration of femme sexuality through intimate portraits. The client wasn’t familiar with kink, and we discussed many of the nuances in the world of pleasure.

Working with clients who are at the beginning of their sexual exploration is one of my favorite parts of my job. I've always been 'that person' who people would turn to when they wanted to learn more about pleasure.

When we linked the wrist and ankle cuffs, she was excited by the restraint. It was so awesome to watch her experience the sensation of wearing them. While bondage is meant to secure someone, many people feel free when they are bound.

Connecting with each of my client’s individual journeys with pleasure is one of my favorite parts of the experience. It feels incredible when my clients leave their sessions feeling inspired, excited, and a little bit naughty.

As a mother, it was so good for her to take this full day to herself. It can be so hard to prioritize our own satisfaction and joy when we are a parent. I was so proud of her for taking this time to fully embrace the experience.

Photographing her was an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait to capture her again in the future!


About Us:

Our mission is to create a safe space for people to learn, explore, and celebrate their pleasure.

Exalted Boudoir is an all-female team focused on providing the very best experience and images. Our photographer will create a customized session that tells your story.

Our studio is located in Norfolk, Virginia and we serve boudoir clients from all over Hampton Roads, North Carolina, and Washington D.C. Our clients travel from all seven cities (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk) and all over the United States.

We offer the opportunity for femme people to explore their sexuality through intimate portraits.

Indulge in a full day of luxury in a kink sanctuary.

See yourself from a new perspective.

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