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Masked Kitten

This was one of my favorite photo shoots to plan!

As soon as the subject saw the leather mask and crop the tone of the day changed.

While I've photographed her before, I had never seen her energy like this.

We worked together with our hair and makeup artist to put together what we endearingly referred to as "Luxury Trash".

We were feeling serious '1990's hottest mom in the trailer park - but make it classy'.

This session contained some new experiences for us both as we navigated the story telling elements of undressing.

This is surely one of my favorite sessions.

Want to use the crop and mask during your own photo shoot?

Let's chat about your dream session.


Exalted Boudoir is an all female team focused on providing the very best experience and images. The Exalted photographer is an expert at styling, posing, and session planning. We will create a customized session that tells your story.

Our studio is located in Norfolk, Virginia and we serve clients from all over Hampton Roads, North Carolina, and Washington D.C.

Our clients travel from all seven cities (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, and Suffolk) and all over the United States.

This is a life changing luxury that can transform the way you see yourself.

Boudoir is for all women.

The perfect boudoir body is the one you have right now.

Step into your position of power.

Own your sensuality.

Tell the story of your sexual liberation with us.

Click "Book Now"

Let's chat about your dream session!

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