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"It’s a surreal experience to be able to see yourself as pretty or as beautiful as others see you. These wonderful ladies know what will make you look and feel your best. They’ll consult with each other (and you) to make sure that things are looking perf. Allow yourself to see yourself through another’s eyes because oftentimes they are kinder to you than you are to yourself. This is truly just a wonderful and wholesome experience."
"I have struggled with body dysmorphia most of my life, mainly about my arms, stomach, and legs. I was nervous, but it was a more relaxed and comfortable environment than I expected! My advice: DO IT. You deserve to be celebrated for your creative vision and adore your body! You are your own limits, whatever your desired theme and vision is what you can do! No one will judge you or make you do anything you aren’t comfortable with"
- Meg
"I was nervous because I struggle with body image. I did this because I wanted to push myself to learn to love myself. I felt like I was going to be nervous but I was so relaxed it surprised me. I never felt like I needed to hide myself. Everyone was so kind and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I think it really hit me that I am beautiful. That was me in the pictures looking as though I had confidence and self love so if I can do that in pictures I can do that all the time."
- Allison

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