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Hi, I'm Ellie Kay, the photographer of Exalted Boudoir, and I deeply value the significance of boudoir photography and embracing self-love. I understand the struggles we all face when it comes to self-image, and I'm here to support my clients on their journey towards self-acceptance. That's why my team and I are so dedicated to creating a life changing boudoir experience.

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Our photo studio is located in Norfolk, VA, and we're proud to have an all femme/non-binary team at Exalted Boudoir. Our Session team consists of our talented photographer, Ellie Kay, and our styling experts who work diligently to ensure that every photoshoot is nothing short of luxurious, indulgent, and unforgettable. We also have a dedicated support staff who contribute to creating a seamless and extraordinary experience for you.

Our studio is designed to create a safe and comfortable space where you can explore and embrace your journey of self-love.

Every client we work with is special to us, and we take pride in creating a truly unique experience for each and every one of them. We love nothing more than witnessing the transformative power of our images, as our clients often find themselves saying:


"I can't believe that's me!"

"I've never seen myself this way."

"I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life!"


Offering this experience means the world to us. We believe that all bodies are beautiful, and you don't need to conform to any standards to participate.


This is your opportunity to dedicate a day entirely to yourself. It's a time to prioritize your pleasure, celebrate your personal journey, and practice self-care without any guilt. Remember, self-care is not selfish—it's essential to put yourself first. Whether you're local or traveling for your session, we will make this a magical experience for you.

Curious about what to expect from your boudoir session?


Get our no obligation Session Guide to learn more about the experience, investment, and details.

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As a prestigious artist and boudoir photographer, Ellie Kay welcomes opportunities to collaborate with those in the press, publication, gallery, and speaking event industries, among others. Her unique approach to capturing the beauty and sensuality of the human form has garnered attention from a variety of sources, and she is always interested in exploring new avenues for showcasing her work.


To propose a project or begin working with Ellie Kay for any of your creative or professional needs, please contact us using the form below.

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