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The beauty of your smile isn’t dependent on your access to care. Someone’s beauty isn’t defined by the perfection of their teeth. Many Americans find themselves with untreated oral health conditions, despite the fact that oral health is a critical to overall well being. With many people forced to leave medical emergencies untreated, even fewer have the means to acquire elective surgeries to achieve a “perfect” smile.


We want to show that all teeth are beautiful, even when they aren’t perfect. Our goal is to capture ten beautiful subjects showing off their genuine grins. We want to destigmatize unique features. We want to exalt crooked teeth, gaps, and one-of-a-kind smirks. We want to celebrate the uniqueness that we all share!

We are looking for 10 femme humans for this opportunity. There is no modeling experience required to participate.

Professional hair and makeup will be provided. Styling discretion is up to the Exalted Boudoir team.

Each participant will receive one mounted 5x7 heirloom print of your choosing!

The photo will be headshot/bust style and will focus on showcasing your smile!

All participants must be willing to sign a full model release.

Client must provide their own wardrobe. We are recommending a bra, body suit, or piece of lingerie.

A $200 non-refundable Session Fee is required to participate. This fee is due upon booking.

Please fill out the form below for consideration.

You are not required to answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable.


We will use the data gathered here anonymously to help our audience understand your experience.

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